Despite the fact that people were driving less during COVID lockdowns, car insurance rates are going up. What's up with that?

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The Zebra just released the 2021 State of Auto Insurance Report which "explored 83 million car insurance premiums across every zip code as impacted by common variables such as driver age, gender, driving record, financial behaviors, and the cars themselves." The report states that "car insurance rates are at an all-time high in the U.S. and up 24% nationwide since 2011."

How do Cedar Rapids rates compare to the nation?
Like the U.S. Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Iowa City, and Dubuque car insurance annual premiums are up from last year, 5% to be exact and totaling $1,150. In fact, that's a little higher than the U.S. premium at $1,483. If you're wondering where you can pay less in the Corridor, drivers seem to pay the least in Iowa City with rates ranging from ($966-$1,004). Coralville is on the lower end of rates too at $968.

What's causing rates to be up for Cedar Rapids drivers? 
Well, it could be a number of things. The report hints that the derecho that blew through the state in August could have played a role, as well as just overall riskier driving behavior.
It's not like we're out here getting sports cars either. In fact, according to Insurify, the most popular vehicle in Iowa is the Ford F-Series pickup truck. Which makes perfect sense with all of the farming that's done in the state.
I guess we're going to have to slow things down a bit if we want these rates to improve. Until then drive safe!

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