It hasn't been a great month for vehicles at the Brain house. I got sideswiped in my car a couple of weeks ago. Not tons of damage and not my fault make it easier to deal with. But what happened to my wife Holly on Wednesday infuriated both of us.

After the storms passed, I went to take the trash out. When walking back from the street I looked up and saw the van parked in our driveway with a HUGE dent in the back door. I was stunned. I went and got Holly and showed her. She was also astonished. She hadn't hit anything so that only meant one thing. Someone hit the van and then didn't have the courtesy to leave their information. Now sometimes this can happen in you bump a car and don't even know you did it. But look at that dent! That was no love tap. Whoever hit the van knew it and left. More than likely because they didn't have car insurance, which is illegal by the way.

Holly traced her steps and we've narrowed down the site of the accident to two possible spots. Both of those stores will be getting calls today asking to review security tape to see if the culprit can be seen. If not, then we get stuck paying our deductible and filing a claim to OUR insurance even though we weren't responsible! That's what really makes me angry.People dodging responsibility for their own actions.

So if you were the person who hit our van in the Edgewood Road Hy-Vee or Blairsferry Road Target parking lot, drop me a message. Email me. Heck, call me. Clear your conscious. I'll be here waiting...but I won't be holding my breath.

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