Cities across Eastern Iowa are dropping their mask mandates for people who are fully vaccinated The CDC stated recently that fully vaccinated people no longer need masks indoors, or out, and don't need to socially distance from each other either. However, that doesn't mean you won't encounter certain situations where even though you've had both shots, you'll still need a mask.

I've done a little retail research the past several days to test stores and their mask policies. Please note that while I am naming businesses, your experience at this same store may differ from what mine was. Heck, mine could be different the next time I went. But here are just a few stores I've visited the past several days, and how they've treated me since I've gone mask free.

Hy-Vee - I went before they announced that they are dropping their mask mandate for vaccinated customers and employees. I'd say half the store was still in masks when I went, including employees. That will probably no longer be the case.

Target - Again, they just dropped their mandate for vaccinated visitors. I went two days ago, and most people were still wearing masks. But no one asked me to put one on.

Wal-Mart - Again, another retailer that has dropped the mandate for those who are vaccinated. I went over the weekend and I'd say over 50% of people were not wearing masks. All employees were, however.

Kum & Go - My morning Diet Dew stop took their mask mandate sign down as soon as the CDC changed their tune. Employees are still wearing them, but I haven't been asked to mask up.

TJ Max - I stopped by yesterday to do some shopping and found their mask mandate was still in full effect. I walked in without one and was handed one by an employee.

Old Navy - I didn't wear my mask in, but all employees were still wearing theirs. I was not asked to mask up.

Once again, my policy is that since I'm vaccinated, I'm going to go in stores without a mask on. But if those stores ask me to wear one, as they have the right to do, I'll gladly put one on to shop there. Try a little kindness. You'd be surprised at how far it will go.


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