It's hard to believe, but this chain no longer has any locations of its type in the city.

The next time you want a Pizza Hut pizza in Cedar Rapids, forget about eating in. Just a few months after the last sit down westside Pizza Hut location closed, the same has happened to the Collins Road location.

Customers are speculating whether increased cost of rent or perhaps the future road construction on Collins Road caused the closure. One thing is for sure, there's a ton of change on this strip of Collins Road, near Lindale Mall. Arby's has been closed for a remodel. Village Inn closed and was demolished, with a Panda Express now being constructed in its previous location. Burger King, on the other end of the mall, closed at the beginning of the year with no definitive replacement there yet. Now, comes the Pizza Hut closure.

Pizza Hut still has six locations in the Cedar Rapids/Marion area, but they're all delivery or carry-out locations.

For sit down Pizza Hut restaurants, you'll have to drive to a surrounding small town.

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