If you grew up during the 70s and 80s, one of the best memories of eating out at a restaurant you probably have is a trip to Pizza Hut. We didn't have one in Anamosa where I grew up, so a trip to one when we were in Cedar Rapids or Marion, or somewhere out on the road was a treat. And who doesn't remember that classic interior? The red cups, the Tiffany-style lamps, and of course, the buffet! And the pizza was great too! If you're looking for a bit of nostalgia you'll be happy to know that some 'classic' Pizza Hut locations still exist, including here in Iowa!

So what makes a 'Classic' Pizza Hut different? According to the Retrologist, retro-themed restaurants include the following.

  • The old Pizza Hut logo is used in all signage and the addition of the word 'Classic'.
  • The interior features those old cozy red booths and the classic Tiffany lamps.
  • Stickers featuring the old Pizza Hut character Pizza Hut Pete can be found on the door.
  • Posters featuring images of Pizza Hut from days past.

The Retrologist says that most of these 'classic' locations appear to be in smaller markets where legacy restaurant locations have a better shot at surviving. Below is a video of the inside of a 'Classic' Pizza Hut location in Louisburg, North Carolina.

It turns out that there are 'Classic' Pizza Hut locations all over the country. You can view the entire list HERE. There are even several here in the state of Iowa! This is where you can go to find a Classic Pizza Hut in Iowa.

  • 103 Smith Street, Bloomfield, Iowa
  • 3338 Main Street, Keokuk, Iowa
  • 2117 4th Street SW, Mason City, Iowa
  • 1002 Jefferys Drive, Osceola, Iowa
  • 2812 Willis Ave., Perry, Iowa

Some locations will even still serve you the tiny personal pan pizza you got for free as a kid for reading during the summer! You really read all those books you wrote down, didn't you?

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