Hanging out at the mall used to be a right of passage for young people. Before you could drive, a parent might drop you off to meet friends. You'd look at stores, grab some food from the food court, and just hang out. However, a recent trend at Lindale Mall in Cedar Rapids has forced the mall to enact a new policy that many kids aren't going to like.

My daughter Carly asked me last week if I'd heard of the new rules for kids at Lindale Mall. I'll be honest. I don't go to the mall very often anymore. Carly stated that the mall had a new policy for children 15 years of age and under. Apparently, any child 15 years of age or under can't go into Lindale Mall without being accompanied by a parent or guardian. We stopped by Lindale on Saturday night and sure enough. A sign was posted at the entry.

Carly Brainard
Carly Brainard

Not only that, but the child and the parent or guardian must also have proof of age on them and must present it if asked. Anyone who can not produce the proper identification will be asked to leave the mall at once.

So why the change? Some say that episodes of fights and violence among young people is on the rise and some of those fights have happened inside the mall. If that is indeed the case, it is yet another example of a few ruining things for many.

Do you agree with Lindale Mall's new policy?

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