Meet Angie, although I prefer to call her 'Sweetheart.' She's today's adoptable dog we're featuring on Furry Friday. This week, we're partnering with Dog Forever in Cedar Rapids.

Angie is a 3-year-old Black Mouth Cur/Labrador Retriever mix. If you're not familiar with Black Mouth Cur, it's a hunting and cattle dog that originated in the southern part of the U.S. She doesn't get along with cats and is good with some dogs, so they'd need to be introduced properly. Angie is great with older kids and loves to go for walks and might be a perfect exercise partner for you!

You can learn more about Angie HERE.

Dogs Forever is located at 809 Rockford Road SW in Cedar Rapids. You can email them at or call (319) 320-5522 about any of their adoptable animals. Other dogs currently up for adoption include Allie, Buster, Casey & Noah, Leo, Sadie, Sky, and Sparkle. You can learn more about any of them HERE.

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