A happy ending to a difficult journey!

Back in early April, folks here in Eastern Iowa were shocked by a terrible animal abuse story that was being reported by local new outlets. Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids got a call from a concerned citizen about a seriously injured 9-week-old golden retriever puppy that was left at their home. Critter Crusaders took the puppy in and immediately began working to give him the medical attention he needed. They named him Kimble.

According to an earlier article, both of Kimble's legs on the right side of his body were broken, and his right front paw was crushed. He had a long road to recovery after $13,000 worth of medical care, but the staff at Blue Pearl Pet Hospital in Cedar Rapids took great care of him, and he was eventually released to a local foster family.

Three months later, Dogs Forever in Cedar Rapids has given us an update on Kimble... he has been adopted! The Facebook post reads:

"We have exciting news. Kimble has been adopted by his foster family. They have been with him since the beginning of his journey and we are so glad they decided to keep him. Your life might not have had the best start but your future is so much brighter thanks to this family."

As you can see, Kimble is healthy and now has a big family to love and care for him! We couldn't be happier! Plus, the dog's previous owner is now in jail. 22-year-old Jayden Cliff of Cedar Rapids was arrested back in May and plead guilty to Animal Abuse Causing Serious Injury. He was sentenced to two years in prison.

A big thanks to the Cedar Rapids Police Department, Critter Crusaders, Dogs Forever, and all the other organizations and individuals who took care of Kimble and got him the justice he deserved. We hope that he has a long, happy life full of treats and belly scratchies.

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