GUESS WHAT, Y'ALL?! We're finally on Snapchat!

For the last year or so, Brain and I have been throwing around the idea of creating a morning show Snapchat. The problem was, neither of us wanted the task of logging in and out of our own personal Snapchats on our phones (we don't remember the passwords). Well, last week MetroPCS came in and hooked me up with a brand new Galaxy phone, so we are putting it to good use! We have officially created our own Snapchat account!

Why did we want a morning show Snapchat, you ask? So we can talk to listeners, of course! We wanted a quick and fun way to update you all on what's happening on the show. We will give you a rundown of the day's show every morning around 5 a.m., but we will also post fun behind-the-scenes stuff throughout the show, too! Plus we'll be able to post from remote broadcasts and concerts and all sorts of cool places.

If you'd like to add us on Snapchat, the username is:


Feel free to send us Snaps during the show and we will try to respond when we have time!*

Also, give us a like on Facebook HERE!

*If you are a jerk or send us inappropriate stuff, we will block you :)

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