Recently my morning show partner Courtlin revealed that she had accepted an invitation to participate in the latest round of a local Cedar Rapids version of Dancing with the Stars. In fact, she has already started practicing for her routine which you can see on Saturday, July 27th at the Hilton Garden Inn. It got me thinking a lot about my time on the dance floor nearly 17 years ago.

I was invited to dance back in 2007. It was definitely something that was way out of my comfort zone! After meeting with coaches, the first thing that I had to do was come up with a theme and a dance routine. Working in country radio it made sense to pick a dance that featured a country song. My coaches had just the suggestion. Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy by Big and Rich. The song had been featured on the ABC show Dancing with the Stars and I would be duplicating the dance routine performed by Drew Lachey.

The dance was considered a 'freestyle' routine. I called it my worst nightmare. How was I going to learn all those moves? Practice, that's how. I attended dance practice twice a week for an hour. I learned a new piece of the routine each time before putting it all together as we approached the night of the show.

I don't remember a lot from that night if I'm being honest. I remember having two outfits. Along with our individual routines, all the contestants also learned a shared routine. I remember making it through my dance and if memory serves me correctly I believe I tied for second place in the competition. And while there sadly is no video of my performance, I did stumble upon some photos that my wife Holly took of me that night.

Brain Dances With the Stars

Photos from Brain doing Dancing with the Cedar Rapids Stars in 2007.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Brainard

So there you have it! Proof that this radio guy used to have a few dance moves! Don't forget you can buy tickets HERE to see Courtlin dance on July 27th!

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