It was six short weeks ago that we told you the terrible news of a Cedar Rapids puppy that had suffered serious injuries after being abused by its owner. Within a day of the story being posted, an arrest was made by the Cedar Rapids Police Department. Now, comes news that the man who abused the dog has been sent to prison.

The puppy, Kimble, was originally thought to be about 12 weeks old, but it was later determined he was only approximately 9 weeks old when he was abused in early April.

At the time, a media release from the Cedar Rapids Police Department said that Kimble was thrown to the ground and kicked by 22-year-old Jayden Cliff of Cedar Rapids because the dog "had defecated on a bed and continued to defecate on the floor after being thrown to the ground. The Golden Retriever puppy sustained serious injuries, including fractures." Both legs on the right side of Kimble's body were broken, and his right front paw was crushed, according to the Gazette.

After Cliff dropped the dog off at another home, Critter Crusaders received a phone call. The organization immediately went to work restoring the pet's health, with Kimble's surgery done at Blue Pearl Pet Hospital in Cedar Rapids.

Cliff pleaded guilty to Animal Abuse Causing Serious Injury and was sentenced on Thursday, May 20.  According to Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids, Cliff "has been sentenced and has agreed to without appeal, the maximum term of two years in prison." Critter Crusaders founder Jan Erceg told the Gazette, "I firmly believe that Jayden Cliff was horrified by his own actions."

Linn County Jail
Linn County Jail

I'm happy to report Kimble is doing great, though Erceg told the Gazette his front right leg will be shorter due to his injuries. He's been fully cleared by veterinarians. You can see photos of Kimble's recovery below.

Critter Crusaders released a statement last night that started "Justice For Kimble." Here's part of the post:

This was a horrible event in Kimble’s life. He is the lucky one however as there are thousands more animals just like him in Iowa and around the country suffering in silence. Animals who aren’t as young or photogenic but suffer at the hands of abusers each and every day. Our efforts need to be aimed at Iowa’s lawmakers who are so tied to special interests that they vote with their pocketbooks instead of their hearts. Kimble and all animal victims of abuse and torture deserve better.

Iowa lawmakers must do better. And it's our job to keep telling them until they do.

Kimble's Amazing Recovery

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