Each Friday morning at 6:30 a.m., 98.1 KHAK's Brain & Courtlin pay tribute to an eastern Iowa First Responder. The weekly honoree receives a $25 gift card to Wild Hogs Saloon and Eatery in Walford and a $25 gift card to Honor and Respect.

Today we honor Denny Coon, who was nominated by Kimberly Krutzfeld! Her entry reads:

"Denny has been a VOLUNTEER first responder for over 50 years for our little town. He has spent countless hours running the ambulance service, taking calls, and even mentoring other first responders. He is both a fire and ambulance volunteer. When he recruited me, I had the utmost respect for him and agreed to start. In the years that I have been on the ambulance service, he has guided me through all the rough spots. He is so patient, so giving, and the sweetest man I've ever met. He is so deserving of this in my eyes because he has given so much of himself and his family for so long. Please consider him closely for this honor!!!"

Denny Coon
Denny Coon

Our First Responder Friday winners are selected from nominations submitted by you! You can make a nomination below.

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