When it comes to food, Iowa doesn't play around. We know good grub when we see it (or taste it). Only in Your State came up with a list of food items that Iowa does better than any of the other states. Here are a few of our favorites from the list:


1. Sweet Corn

Yes, you could've probably guessed what number one was -- corn! When out-of-towners think of Iowa, they're probably going to think of corn. We know...there's lots of it around here. But we have no shame in showing it off. I mean have you tried this stuff!? It's delicious!


2. Iowa Chops

Now what you have here is a big juicy Iowa pork chop, fittingly pictured next to some homegrown corn (nice touch, I know). If you've never had one of these, you're missing out. They are way too good to pass up.


3. Pork Tenderloins

You're probably thinking, "couldn't they have put some more bread on this sandwich?" The answer is "no". This tenderloin is just too good to be overshadowed by a bun. And once you've sunk your teeth into one, you would agree.


4. Maid-Rite

Taking the fourth spot on the list is the Maid-Rite! Now, if you're not from around here and have never heard of such thing, we'll fill you in. It's basically a sloppy Joe....but better. All of the loose meat just melts in your mouth. Try one!


5. Scotcharoos

Coming in at number five is scotcharoos! If you like sweet treats, you'll LOVE these. They're soft, yet have a slight crunch. Not to mention, the chocolate topping blends perfectly with the buttery taste of the crispies. Yum!


What do you think of this list? Did your favorite Iowa foods make it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Oh, and our apologies if reading this made you hungry.

Check out the full list of foods that Iowa does better HERE!

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