In this new world we've become used to living in video conference calls have become the norm. Certainly in the world of business, but also in social situations as well. I've been on Microsoft Teams meetings for work, and took part in a virtual game night hosted by Courtlin by using Zoom. That company realizes how important connecting with loved ones will be this holiday season and is giving it's users a gift.

Zoom announced today that it will be lifting it's timed meetings limit on Thanksgiving Day. CNN reports that the company wants families to be able to enjoy plenty of uninterrupted time this holiday season.

There is normally a 40 minute limit on Zoom meetings, and to get unlimited meetings you would normally have to have a paid plan. Those can range up to $200 per year. The announcement comes after the CDC updated their guidance on family gatherings. CNN reports that they recommend limiting the number of people at these holiday gatherings, or canceling them altogether. That was the decision that both sides of my family came to. No Thanksgiving gatherings this year, so we can all be here and healthy in 2021!

In the meantime, enjoy unlimited screen time with the family this Thanksgiving! That is if you can explain to your grandparents how Zoom works!

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