If you love your beer in a glass bottle you might be paying more for that beverage soon. Why? According to CBS2 a worldwide shortage of glass. Really? We're running out of glass?

Stop me if you've heard this one before. Supply chain issues are throwing a wrench into the production of the glass used in your preferred bottled beers and sodas. Many of the raw materials used in glass production are simply hard to get right now. The main culprits are silicon, which is used in the manufacturing of glass, and colored glass which is extremely popular in the beverage bottling industry. CBS2 also reports that materials like copper, cobalt, and nickel remain hard to get.

Experts say that glass prices have gone up around 20% to 30% in recent months. But they say that you shouldn't rush out to your favorite store and buy up all the Bud Light bottles you see. We all remember what panic buying did to the supply of toilet paper! That said, CBS2 reports that the issues that are leading to price hikes on all of our favorite products aren't going to end soon. The experts say it could last another 18 months. That alone makes me want to grab a bottled beverage!

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