It was mid-April that Bon-Ton Stores announced they would be closing all remaining Younkers locations, and the time has come.

The 162-year-old Iowa original, which first started in Keokuk, Iowa in 1856, is set to close its doors next week. The Des Moines Register says it will close all stores by Wednesday, August 29. Some locations will close earlier. I spoke to an associate at the Lindale Mall Younkers in Cedar Rapids this morning. She told me the final day in business for the Cedar Rapids location would, indeed, be August 29.

Displays, furniture, hardware, fixtures... everything is being sold at the Younkers locations. Admittedly, there's not much left at this point but, somehow, one last visit to say goodbye still seems fitting.

The next question is what will Lindale Mall do with all the open space forced upon them by the closings of two anchor stores, Younkers and Sears? You have to believe the mall will reinvent itself again, as it has in recent years with the addition of restaurants and businesses on the Collins Road side of the mall.

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