In case you haven't been outside for the past two weeks, it's been REALLY COLD here in Iowa.

In fact, this week we saw record cold temperatures as it dropped to 30 below zero! That's cold! People seem to be making the best of it though. We've seen videos popping up on social media of people trying out different experiments in these frigid temperatures such as seeing if their clothing will freeze and seeing how long it takes different beverage cans to explode. And there's even this:

You know it's cold out when your hair freezes. Although, it's probably best to make sure that your hair is completely dry before heading out in these conditions. That isn't all though. Here are some other videos we've come across that shows just how cold it has been around here.

It's also so cold that pipes are bursting around the city included in our own building! Moral of the story? Bundle up, Iowa! We've still got a while before spring hits. Until then, join us in counting down the days.

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