It's been sweeping the nation and it's arrived in eastern Iowa. It's Goat Yoga! It's exactly what it sounds like. There are tons of goat yoga videos online. Here's one from an indoor class:

Here in Linn County, Coco's Ranch in Palo is hosting the classes, outdoors, in a fenced-in pen. The first "Goga" class was held Saturday with more to come. KCRG reports the goats used in the outdoor classes are Nigerian Dwarf goats, relatively the same size as the ones in the video above.

My family raised goats for more than 10 years when I was a kid. The "kids," as baby goats are called, are an absolute blast. We bottle fed them, played with them, loved them, and as they grew up milking became one of my chores. If you sign up for one of these classes, don't be surprised if they nibble on your hair and chew on your clothes a little. I also expect you'll love every second of it.

More information on signing up for future classes is available here.

[via KCRG and Facebook]

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