Nick Johnson is a YouTuber who travels across the country creating videos about his experiences. If you don't know who Nick Johnson is, at the time of writing, Nick currently boasts a YouTube channel that has 923 thousand subscribers. He's inching closer and closer to reaching the life-changing 1 million subscriber plaque, which YouTube sends to those who reach that milestone.

He's created videos on his trips to Florida, Texas, California, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Washington, and of course, Iowa. He's created videos on the smartest states, the dumbest states, states everyone is leaving, the best states for finding a job, etc.

He appears to be a pretty creative guy who gets to do a lot of traveling around the country. When you're that close to 1 million YouTube likely aren't working a 9-5 day job anymore.

Worst Place in Iowa?

Nick believes he has driven through the "WORST Place in Iowa." I will preface this video by saying, I can't tell if this is a joke or some kind of bit but with his overly dry delivery, I'm not sure if he's being serious or not.

In Nick's opinion, the worst place in Iowa is located right here. Do you know which town this is?

Google Maps
Google Maps

Keokuk, Iowa

During the video, you can watch Nick travel through Keokuk, Iowa. Nick mentions Keokuk once being the home of 16,000 residents and sadly that number has fallen to 9,724 people, as of 2022.

He goes on to look at Keokuk's bars, restaurants, schools, and the mall. He even finds a banner from the 2020 presidential election still hanging from a business.

I moved to Iowa 2 years ago and have personally never been to Keokuk. I'm not sure if Nick's video has been edited to show Keokuk at its worst or if this is a fair viewpoint. Have you been to or visited Keokuk? Do you believe this is the "worst place in Iowa" or is this an unfair representation of one of Iowa's most southern towns?

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