Grab a quarter and your Aldi shopping bags. The popular grocery store chain is about to open up a new location in the Corridor.

If you're a fan of shopping at Aldi, then you know what makes the grocery store chain so popular. Low prices. And in this day and age of rising food costs, you need to save every penny you can. So how does Aldi do it? Food Republic reports that 90% of the products you find inside Aldi stores are private labels and much cheaper than big-name brands. You don't see many Aldi commercials on TV as the company produces very few ads. And finally, they hire a skeleton crew. Keeping a minimum number of associates is another way of keeping prices low.

Unlike other grocery stores, you always have to bag your own groceries at Aldi stores. You can purchase reusable shopping bags. And yes, a shopping cart will cost you a quarter or the kindness of a stranger who doesn't want theirs back. If you're a fan you'll soon have a new Aldi location to shop at in the Corridor!

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The Cedar Rapids Gazette reports that the new Aldi store will open at 8:30 a.m. on May 2nd in North Liberty. The store can be found at 725 N. Highway 965. It will be the 39th Aldi store in Iowa and the eighth in the Corridor. During the grand opening celebration, the first 100 customers will receive a free sampling of Aldi Fan Favorite products and a gift card, according to the Gazette. Shoppers will also be able to enter a sweepstakes opening weekend for the chance to win a $500 Aldi gift card.

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