The giant Powerball jackpot has been claimed! If you're disappointed that you're not $316 million are we, so are we.

According to, the $316.3 million jackpot was claimed by Tammy and Cliff Webster from Oneida in Brown County, Wisconsin. The Webster's purchased their winning ticket at Jackson Pointe Citgo in Green Bay. That ticket had the numbers  6, 14, 25, 33, 46, Powerball 17 from the January 5, 2022 drawing. The pot was originally $632.6 million, but there was another winner in California.

The Webster's decided to take their payout in cash totaling $225.1 million, rather than receive an annual payment. That being said after taxes ($54 million in federal and $17.2 million in state) they took home $153.9 million. Not $300 million, but still A LOT of money. We're still crying that we didn't win. The Webster's, who are Native Americans that are members of the Oneida Nation, are overjoyed and grateful.

We are sincerely grateful for this incredible event...We always believed that we had a chance to win if we played and this is a dream come true,” said Tammy.


This is a wonderful blessing, and we are incredibly thankful and most appreciative of this opportunity,” Cliff added.

They aren't the only ones getting some cash out of it either. The Jackson Point Citgo in Green Bay where they purchased their ticket is thankful too as it received a $100,000 incentive for selling the winning ticket.

Wisconsin may be a lucky state too because this was the fourth major jackpot win in the past four years, according to Wisconsin Lottery Director Cindy Polzin. The state is beginning to be referred to as WINsconsin, as there have been 19 Powerball jackpot wins since it debuted in 1992. That's the fourth most winningest state!

Congrats to the Webster's! And to the rest of us, better luck next time. Oh, and you may want to move to Wisconsin.

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