Ryan Brainard
Ryan Brainard

You wouldn't have known it by the crowd at Lambeau Field on Thursday night, but attendance in NFL stadiums is down. Now for markets like Green Bay where every game is a sellout, this trend hasn't caught on. It may never for fans of the Pack. But other cities aren't so fortunate. Why is attendance down? You can sight things like losing teams and of course, cost. But I was reminded several times last week why watching the game at home is so much more enjoyable.

I love Lambeau Field. The history of the building, the pro shop, the overall look. I'll never get tired of visiting. But to sit down and watch an NFL game there or anywhere else compared to your own home? The argument isn't even close. A metal bleacher with no back, compared to my leather recliner or couch. People you don't know crammed all around you compared to me ALONE in my living room. Over priced food and beverage options compared to my fridge. And finally, being able to see the play on the field. We had good seats at Lambeau last Thursday, but they still don't compare to the view you get by watching an NFL game on your television. The league is facing a real problem. Their product looks TOO good on TV. Why see it in person?

I can make that case a thousand times for fans who've never been to Green Bay. It really is a site to see and experience. But what about Jacksonville, or Tampa Bay, or Detriot? Some teams are going all out to keep fans at games. Some are letting you order food from your phone and have it delivered to your seat!  Most stadiums, including Lambeau, offer free wi-fi service. And many stadiums not only give you updates on teams around the league, buy also give you fantasy updates so you can see how your fake team is doing too.

Are any of those things enough to get you to an NFL game? On their own, probably not. What the league could do is lower prices a bit. Make it more affordable to take your family to a game. I'm not holding my breath on a call back from Mr. Goodell.


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