I'll admit it. I enjoy more fast food than I probably should. We're all guilty of it from time to time. It's just so darn easy and convenient, and oh yeah, delicious too. Anytime you order fast food, you have to get a drink to go along with it. And there is no better drink than an ice-cold Coca Cola from McDonald's. No, this isn't an endorsement, but hey it could be if they're listening! It's the cold hard facts as to why Coke from McDonald's just tastes better!

I was trying to explain to my wife Holly why Coke at McDonald's tasted better. I knew I'd read an article on it before but couldn't remember all the specifics. Fortunately, this article from MyRecipes.com lists all the reasons perfectly! It all started back when Ray Kroc started the McDonald's franchise and took it nationally! He asked Coca-Cola if they'd like to expand in every new restaurant he built. They said yes, and the golden arches have had several advantages ever since.

One of those advantages is a special storage system that Coca Cola helped design especially for McDonald's. Most restaurants have their soda syrup delivered in plastic bags. McDonald's comes in stainless steel tanks. This helps preserve the flavor and protects it from light, temperature, and air. The bags don't stand a chance.

Another reason Coke tastes so great is that McDonald's restaurants filter their water numerous times to gain a consistent taste. As you can guess, cities across the nation have different qualities of water. McDonald's filters those inconsistencies out and you're left with a great tasting soda!

McDonald's also believes in cold temperatures. They pre-chill their soda syrup. They also keep the water for their soda incredibly cold as well. And finally, would you believe that even the straw makes a difference? Yes, straws at McDonald's are wider, meaning more of that cold Coca Cola hits your tastebuds faster than other fast-food restaurants.

Take the McDonald's Coca Cola taste test today. I guarantee you'll taste the difference!

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