I didn't know hunting pythons was a thing but apparently, it is, at least in Florida. Just take a look at this Burmese python weighing in at nearly 200 pounds of pure, slithering muscle that took five of them to hold almost end to end. I mean what the what?!? Well, actually 198 pounds to be exact according to People.

And how do you even trust it wouldn't attack you when you see a python so monstrous slithering around? This monster-looking creature is like something you'd see out of a Hollywood movie.

Mike Elfenbein via Facebook
Mike Elfenbein via Facebook

According to People, a conservationist named Mike Elfenbein and his 17-year-old son Cole came across the reptile during their python-hunting trip in the Big Cypress National Preserve on the southern tip of Florida near the Everglades. It's part of the National Park Service.

Field and Stream Magazine says this capture is one of the biggest invasive snake captures in Florida history. Here's how it all went down according to Field and Stream.

Mike and Cole saw it crossing the road at the same time a trio of snake hunters from Tampa. They all pulled over at the same time all helping to wrangle her at the same time.

She didn’t like what was pulling on her so she turned and came right back up on her body at full speed, ended up grabbing her by the head, which was like grabbing hold of a football. It took everything we had to keep her pinned down. Even with five guys on top of her, she was able to lift us off the ground and keep moving. This beast of a python is the second biggest ever caught in Florida. It’s crazy that these things are all over Florida now, but no expects to see one this big.


I would %&*$!# freak!

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