Target has announced that as of July 15th, they will no longer accept personal checks in any of their stores. As someone who hasn't written a check while shopping in years, this didn't shock me or many others when it was announced this week. But statistics show a surprising number of people, especially those over a certain age, still use checks.

Fifth Third Bank reports that just over 52% of people between the ages of 45 and 64 use checks regularly. Only 8% of check users are under the age of 24. Why have stores like Target gotten rid of checks? For one thing, they tie up the checkout lines. The Des Moines Register reports that other Iowa retailers have already banned checks. Target joined Aldi and Whole Foods Market in no longer accepting checks. Aldi has 39 Iowa stores. West Des Moines has Iowa's only Whole Foods location.

High angle view of a torn check

While it seems like there aren't any stores left that will accept your personal check, you're actually incorrect. The Register lists these five major Iowa retail stores that will still accept your check. Those stores include:

For those shoppers who still like to write out a check for their purchases, it's nice to know there are still stores that will accept them. For the rest of us waiting in line, just be patient and pray for good penmanship!

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