Valentine's Day is next week! If you're still try to figure out what to do with your valentine this year, maybe this will help.

We wanted to know what Iowans consider a "hot" date night, and what's not. There's plenty of things to do in Cedar Rapids and Eastern Iowa between the amazing restaurants, theaters, and more! But different people like different things. We've got a little poll going to find out what to do and not to do on V-Day. Vote if you think these ideas are HOT or NOT.

Oh! And you'll be able to see what the rest of Iowa thinks of that idea in the poll results after you vote!....FYI you may want to stay away from the NOTS.

If you're not really feeling any of these suggestions, but you still want to do something nice for someone, make a valentine for a vet! We're saluting Iowa's hospitalized veterans by making homemade 'Valentine's for Vets'. Get all of the information on how you can help HERE. Happy Valentine's Day!

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