Its scary to think, but Halloween is just over one month away. Just like everything else in 2020, the holiday will probably be handled differently in the pandemic. But you can bet that plenty of kids and adults are still dressing up for the occasion! If fact, the National Retail Federation says that costume participation is running at nearly 50% this year, which is on par with a 'normal' Halloween.

So what the most popular costume choices this year? Lets look at the kiddos first. The ten most popular children's costumes in 2020 are Princess, Spider Man, superhero, ghost, Batman, witch, vampire, Frozen characters, pumpkin, and cat.

What about adults dressing up for those Halloween parties? The ten most popular adult costumes this year include Witch, vampire, cat, Batman, ghost, pirate, zombie, nurse, princess, doctor, and Spider Man.

We can't forget the pets! The most popular costumes for your dogs and cats include pumpkin, hot dog, superhero, cat, bumblebee, ghost, dog, witch, devil, and bat.

Now while I can appreciate those costume selections, they all seem a bit generic to me. I mean if your kid really wants to be Spider Man, then by all means. But as adults I think we can put a bit more of an effort in to our costumes. Pop culture references are always a fun way to go. Some big ones this year include, Carol Baskin, the Watchmen, Umbrella Academy, Harley Quinn, Billie Eilish, the cast of Hamilton, Baby Yoda, or heck, Ruth from Ozark.

Get creative and have some fun this Halloween, even if it is 2020!

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