Today is February 22nd, 2022. Yes, 2-22-22. The most amazing day in over a decade, apparently. A word you'll need to be familiar with today when discussing today's date is Palindrome. That is a word, or in this case a date, that reads the same frontwards and backward. Today also happens to be a Tuesday, making it, of course, a 'Twosday'.

This palindrome of a date is even more special, because it reads as one for everyone around the world! Here in the United States, we list month, day, and then the year. But most other countries list the day first, then month, and finally the year. But this time around it's still 2-22-22, or 22-2-22. It's still all twos people! The last time we had such a date occur was on 11-11-11. So do days like these have any real superpowers? Experts say 'no'. But they do raise awareness of even crazier numerical oddities!


Today, 2-22-22, is also a Taco Tuesday, which also happens to fall on National Margarita Day! It's hard to ignore those numbers lining up in your favor! You can check out a list of restaurants in the area that have deals going on today in celebration of both days!

Imagine having a birthday today. No wait, imagine having your 22nd birthday today!

If you turn 22 today it would be a golden-palindrome birthday! How many people get to celebrate one of those? Another big event no doubt happening in large numbers today is weddings. Clark County, where Las Vegas is located, is expecting a large turnout by later on this afternoon, according to CNN. Palindrome dates are always busy in Vegas. On 11-11-11, over 3500 couples tied the knot, making it the second busiest day for weddings in the cities history.

So what do we get here in Eastern Iowa on this 2-22-22? What special tie-in to the day can we brag about? Many schools were on a 2-hour late start this morning. 2 hours late on 2-22-22. Yep, just another Tuesday.

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