Ah, to be young and naive again! For the past week, I have been seeing a viral Facebook post asking people about the silly things they believed as a kid. Whether it was something somebody told you or something you believed on your own, we were all pretty gullible as children.

Nobody ever told me this and I don't think I ever asked, but when I was young I believed that the world used to be black and white. Old photos were black and white, so it only made sense! My coworker Brain said that he was convinced that Bigfoot actually lived in his backyard. He just assumed that anywhere you could find trees, you could also find Bigfoot! My favorite story, though, was from another one of our coworkers. She said her grandparents told her that if she didn't finish her milk, it would make the cows cry. And who would want to make the cows sad?!

Now it's your turn to answer: what's the most ridiculous thing you believed when you were young? Leave your answer in the comments!

Here are some of our favorites from Facebook:

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