When I go grocery shopping, there are plenty of items that I have no problem buying generic versions of, but sometimes you just have to have that brand name product!

Yesterday, Brain revealed to me that he is a bit of a ketchup snob! When it comes to ketchup, he will ONLY eat Heinz. Ketchup all tastes the same to me, so I don't really care for one brand or another, but there is another product I will only buy one brand of! If I'm looking for pepper jack cheese slices, I will ONLY buy Sargento. If they're out, then I go home empty handed. I've tried all the other brands, but Sargento has the best!

We asked you to share the products that you'll only buy name-brand, and there were a TON of responses! Here are some of them:

  • Sarah Farmer - "I will only eat Daisy brand cottage cheese. The other brands are just nasty!"
  • Tyler Dickenson - "Hidden Valley Ranch. All other ranches, throw it in the trash."
  • Amanda Rabey - "Dawn Dish Soap. I’ve tried off brands and nothing else gets the grease off."
  • Ann Wink - "Kraft Macaroni and Cheese"
  • LuAnn White - "Bread... Sara Lee only!!!!!"
  • Amy Croskey Casey - "BBQ sauce, Sweet Baby Rays only! In the rare occasion, we will by Cookies BBQ sauce but that’s it, no generics!"
  • Charles Connel - "My wife only will eat Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs."
  • Ashley Soukup - "Windex. I know... weird. Love the smell!"
  • Anita Hueser Crow - "Philadelphia brand cream cheese only!"
  • Theresa Amling - "The start of the pandemic reconfirmed that Charmin is the only toilet paper option... period. Bought a cheaper brand due to limited supply, and it was awful!"
  • Amanda Jo Pflughaupt Heim - "Pop! Never buy the store brands!"
  • Myka Forrest - "Oreos"
  • Becca Swise - "Kraft Sliced Cheese is a staple in our household."
  • Sara Murray - "Milk, Anderson Erickson only."
  • Ashley Wood - "My husband will only eat pickle spears from Clausen."
  • Stephanie Fuller - "Jiff Peanut Butter"
  • Christina Robidoux - "Frosted Flakes. All the generic versions don't taste right."
  • Misty Nelson - "I will only buy Hellman's Mayo, never generic."

What's a product that you will only buy name-brand? Let us know in the comments!

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