We're just a few days away from the NFL Draft, and two former Iowa Hawkeyes could hear their names called in Thursday night's first round. Corner Josh Jackson and center James Daniels are going to get drafted, but where is anyone's guess.

The mock draft game is somewhat silly if you asked me. These so-called experts trying to predict what NFL teams are thinking. Just because Mel Kiper has someone pegged at number one, what if NFL teams don't agree. But, it is an indicator of what teams think of specific players. Business Insider recently surveyed 13 of these draft experts to get an idea of where certain players can expect to be drafted. According to their research, Jackson and Daniels will have a great Thursday night.

Josh Jackson's average draft position in the mocks came in at 22, with a high draft position of 14. That would be my Green Bay Packers. They need help in the secondary and I'd love to see Jackson go there. New England and Seatle are also said to be interested in the former Iowa corner.

James Daniels average draft position came in at 25, with a high draft position of 20. Even though he is listed as a center, most teams agree Daniels is talented enough to make the switch over to guard. Minnesota and Cincinnati are teams that have expressed interest.

Do the mock drafters have a clue? We'll find out Thursday night during primetime coverage of the first round of the NFL Draft!


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