Money isn't everything, but it definitely controls A LOT of aspects of life. What kind of house you can afford, what type of education you can get, everything really revolves around money. This is probably why we have so many questions about it. Money is on everyone's mind at some point or another. We're thinking about how to pay off debt, how to save for retirement, and so on and so forth. conducted research using a Google Trends analysis to find each state's money-related queries. These results "reveal what financial questions people in our area have or what money moves they’re preparing to make."

The most money-related question that Iowans are asking is "how to budget". Looks like we need to brush up on our budgeting skills! Taking a closer look at's what some of our cities most money related questions are.
Cedar Rapids wants to know “what is APR” and Des Moines is interested in the definition of “compound interest”.

Iowans are starting with the basics of money management and searching for “how to budget” more than any other state. But they’re also looking up advanced topics such as “invest in stocks” and “compound interest.”

We may not exactly know how to budget (according to this data), but at least we're researching it! That's just one step closer to getting our hands on some more money. And speaking of which....

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