Before you slide that crisp one-dollar bill into another vending machine, you just might want to examine it a bit closer. It could be worth thousands of dollars!

Collectors will pay a lot of money for unique coins or rare bills. Here is a great reason to check the one-dollar bills you might have in your wallet or purse. Normally, each bill has its own unique serial number. However, according to CNBC, in 2014 the government made a rare printing error that resulted in millions of one-dollar bills being printed with duplicate serial numbers. The bills with matching serial numbers were printed in Washington D.C. and Fort Worth, Texas. But after 10 years of circulation, they could be anywhere!

But here is the catch. If you happen to find one of these rare one-dollar bills, CNBC reports they aren't worth much more than one dollar. The key is to find the OTHER one-dollar bill that has the same serial number. Find both bills and you could get paid thousands by eager collectors. In March, a pair of bills sold for $2,340 at auction! Another pair went for over $7,000 in 2021!

via Unsplash
via Unsplash

And CNBC reports that there aren't just a few out there. Over 6 million duplicates are said to exist. Now, the bad news. There are over 14 billion one-dollar bills in circulation, making finding a second one nearly impossible. But here's more good news. You don't have to!

There is a website called Project2013B. The site helps connect people who have found one-dollar bills and are looking for their matching bills! They have approximately 80 serial numbers listed, according to CNBC. Find your matching serial number and then split the money! The site has reportedly made 16 connections already this year!

CNBC reports that this is what you need to look for on a one-dollar bill.

  • It needs to say 'Series 2013' next to Washington's head.
  • The seal to the left of his head has to be a 'B'.
  • The serial number starts with a B and is followed by one of these two sets of numbers. 1 through 250,000 and 3,200,201 through 9,600,000.

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