How much of your workout is spent actually working out? Probably not as much as you think!

Do you check your phone in between sets? Do you ever stand around waiting for a certain machine when you could just use a different one? Then you, my friend, aren't getting as good of a workout as you could be. Don't get me wrong, I get distracted at the gym. A LOT. But, I take a lot of group fitness classes to help me avoid some of those distractions. If you typically do a one-hour workout, you could be wasting around 26 minutes of that just by doing little things like these:

  • Taking too many water breaks - It can take away about 2 and a half minutes from your workout
  • Resting too long - You should only be resting 60-90 seconds in between sets, otherwise that could deduct around six minutes from your hour
  • Waiting for equipment - If you go to the gym at a time that is super busy, sometimes waiting can be unavoidable, but if you CAN avoid it, you could add back three and a half minutes to your workout
  • Checking your phone - Checking your phone during your workout can add up quick! If you can, try turning it on airplane mode while you're at the gym
  • Watching other people exercise - Try to keep your eyes on your own equipment, because examining and checking out other people can take away 3 minutes from your workout

Have any other advice to get the most out of your time at the gym? Share it with us in the comments section!

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