The gym: it's can be a scary place. Perhaps it's the other gym goers that are intimidating... or the equipment. Whatever the case me be, Iowans are fearful of going to the gym, according to a new study.

The website My Protein did a study on "gymtimidation" and found that Iowans get very anxious about going to the gym. According to the findings, Iowans are most concerned with how people will see them at the gym, with nearly 90% saying that they are concerned about how other people perceive them at the gym.

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It's hard to work off that beer gut at the gym if you're not comfortable getting it out in front of people. But, appearance doesn't only impact older gym-goers, it's also the most common reason Gen Zers have disdain for going to the gym. Interesting as they seem to be posting the most gym selfies...

Photo by Rodrigo S on Unsplash
Photo by Rodrigo S on Unsplash

When I go workout, my go-to is a class. However, Iowans also feel judged when they take a class at the gym. My favorite class at the gym is spin which, when I go, I'm usually one of the youngest in the class, so I guess I don't feel too intimidated.

Maybe THAT is the trick, take the class, but also be the youngest. I certainly find that helps.

For me, the biggest hindrance is simply time. I know, I know, it's a lame excuse. That said, I feel it's valid. Lack of time leads to a lack of motivation. For me, this explains the growing beer gut. Oh, so does the beer.

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