As you might imagine, in an area of the state that was hit hard by the derecho in 2020, finding a large tree that is just right is a bit of a task right now. This is the situation that the city of Cedar Rapids finds itself in. The city is looking for a large tree that can be used for the city's official Christmas tree in 2021. So if you have a tree you think would fit the bill, it could be chosen!

Todd Fagan, the arborist for the city of Cedar Rapids, told KCRG that the city usually builds up a list of people who need to get rid of a large tree. Many times, those large trees are too close to houses, or driveways and need to be removed. But the derecho has wiped out many of those trees already. Now the city is asking residents if they have a tree that might do the job, to contact them. So what kind of tree is the city looking for?

Fagan says that the city is looking for spruce or fir trees that are at least 20 to 25 feet tall. The tree needs to be one that has to be removed anyway. Fagan told KCRG that they won't cut down a tree just because they want a Christmas tree. Fagan added that the city will come and inspect the tree to make sure it will work. Pine trees could also work, but spruce and fir have mainly been used in the past.

If you have a tree you think could work, contact the city of Cedar Rapids forestry department. 


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