Times have been tough in 2020 thanks to the coronavirus. Many people that can't work from home have lost their jobs due to companies downsizing, and frontline workers (especially in healthcare) have been working around the clock.

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Now some of those workers in the healthcare industry are getting a bump in pay. According to The Gazette, UnityPoint Health is raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. The new wage will take effect in January for Iowa and Illinois employees. Workers at St. Luke's Hospital in Cedar Rapids will be among those affected. Positions affected include "nursing assistants and those working in housekeeping and food service" as stated in a news release according to The Gazette.

We know there’s a strong tie between a person’s financial health and overall health,” John Sheehan, UnityPoint’s chief administrative officer, said in the news release.

UnityPoint isn't the first company to raise wages. Other companies like some major retailers gave their employees a pay boost as well. Target's minimum wage went to $15 per hour in July, and Hobby Lobby increased their minimum wage to a whopping $17 in October.

It's nice to see companies investing in their employees, and making things a little easier during what's proving to be a challenging year. Let's hope we continue to see wages increase into the new year.

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