Another unique restaurant has come to uptown Marion, and it's one I've had my eye on for quite some time. That spot is Frydae! The restaurant's location is 743 10th street in Marion. It joins a host of other great spots in a revitalized downtown Marion!

Owner Kelsie Hoth told the Gazette back in the spring that her goal was to make the new ice-cream shop more than just a restaurant, but a destination. Frydae offers different kinds of street fries as well as freakshakes! Hoth described them as the Bloody Mary of the shake world! Shakes with tons of toppings loaded on top!

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You can check out the Frydae menu HERE. You've gotta try some of their street fries! They have everything from bacon cheese fries, Mexican street fries, Nashville Hot chicken fries, to the Canadian delicacy known as Poutine! That is brown gravy with cheese curds and green onions poured over fries. Amazing!

But perhaps even more impressive than the list of fries, is the list of their 'loaded shakes.' There is the Cereal Killer which features vanilla ice cream blended with Fruity Peebles, topped with whipped cream, more Fruity Pebbles and strawberry drizzle. There is also the Frozen Hot Chocolate that has vanilla ice cream blended with hot cocoa powder, topped with marshmallow whip, chocolate drizzle, and a toasted marshmallow! Sign me up!

You can find out more information about Frydae and their amazing food lineup on their Facebook page, and at their website. They're also hiring! Welcome to Marion, Frydae!

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