What we used to call "side hustles" or side jobs these days is referred to as the “gig economy“. Seems like everyone in Iowa has a gig to earn a few extra bucks.
Experts say gig workers account for 43% of the US workforce, according to the Wall Street Journal. With that in mind, the new Uber Works app was launched this week. While unemployment numbers are at a 50-year low, if you’re looking for a side hustle this could be the app for you. You have to create a profile that includes choosing the types of jobs you’re skilled at. Jobs range from cooks, cashiers, and cleaners to more skilled positions, but it's all based on part-time temporary help.
Temporary employment agencies are nothing new. Businesses like Kelly Services and others have been basically doing the same thing for years, but not quite like Uber hopes to do.
When it comes to your pay, the Uber app supposedly does the job for you, showing how much you’ve earned. You do the work, and the Uber app helps you keep track of the money you’ve earned. It allows you to find work opportunities that fit your schedule, and shifts you can pick up at your discretion. For seasonal employment, it could be a really good way to find part-time work for a little extra cash as the holidays approach.
Time will tell if Iowans make Uber Works a hit or not. But you can bet the gig economy looks like it's here to stay.

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