We're almost done! It's hard to believe, but season 14 of NBC's 'The Voice' is already approaching the semi-finals. This week, the top 10 competed for a spot in the top 8, and two ladies ended up getting sent home. We said goodbye to Team Adam's Jackie Verna and Team Alicia's Christiana Danielle last night, with Rayshun LaMarr from Team Adam getting the "instant save."

I'll tell you what, Adam is having a rough time right now. Last week our Iowa gal and his team member Sharane Calister was sent home, and this week both of his remaining finalists were in the bottom three. Now all he has is Rayshun, who is crazy talented, but my guess is that he won't be one of the four in the finale.

Now, let's get to the good stuff! Brynn Cartelli had my favorite performance of the week, doing her own version of "Fix You" by Coldplay. She continues to amaze me every week, especially when you think about the fact that she's a TEENAGER. Unreal. I also really enjoyed Spensha and Britton's performances this week, as well. Here are the videos, in case you missed them:

See the rest of the videos from this week HERE.

Only four will survive during next week's semi-finals! Who are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments!

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