Growing up in an agriculture-rich state like Iowa, you no doubt have heard of the youth leadership organization known as the FFA. The letters stand for Future Farmers of America. However, the group is more than that. FFA describes itself as an organization that prepares members for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through ag education. Oh yeah...they also have cool corduroy jackets.

Earlier this month, FFA chapters across Iowa and the nation celebrated National FFA Week. It was a chance to show others what FFA is all about and to have some fun raising awareness of ag-related issues too. FFA chapters had themed days during the week, much like a school will during Homecoming week. The Lone Tree FFA decided to have a 'Drive Your Tractor to School Day' and posted the video to TikTok.


According to the Lone Tree FFA Facebook page, six members decided to drive their tractors to school that day. For those of us who have lived in Iowa our entire lives, a tractor on the roadway is not a big deal, especially during spring planting and fall harvest. But the video ended up going viral, with many of the comments amazed at how long it took them to get to school, and how much some of the tractors are worth!

As of this morning, the Lone Tree FFA tractor video has over 270,000 likes and features over 1300 comments. Now that is how you raise awareness of FFA! Great job Lone Tree FFA members!

But better get your tractor checked out soon. You're leaking A LOT of antifreeze!


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