A Cedar Rapids monument is on the move. The Tree of Five Seasons will soon have a new home, all in the name of flood protection.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette reports that the tree will be moved a short distance this spring as part of the city's permanent flood control system construction. Officials say that May is when the move is most likely to occur, but weather could also play a factor. The tree will be moving a whole 80 feet east of the current location closer to First Street NE.

Additional work at the site is still needed before the tree is moved to its new home. New footings are also needed for the monument at the new location, according to the Gazette. In the meantime, the monument will remain at its current location, waiting for the right time to move to its new home.

The Tree of Five Seasons was constructed during the 1990s, and according to the Gazette, is a representation of the city's logo representing the 'City of Five Seasons.' For those that are new to the area, the 'fifth' season is the time to enjoy life and beauty in the every day.

Who is responsible for the city's logo and slogan? The Gazette reports that in 1968 the Chamber of Commerce publicity chair, E.W. Munsell needed to come up with a promotional idea to attract more residents to the city of Cedar Rapids. Together with art director Gary Anderson and writer Ron Howes, came up with the Tree of Five Seasons logo and the slogan.

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