There may not be two other words in the English language that conjure up feelings of anger and disgust like the words 'traffic cameras.' The city of Cedar Rapids has battled the issue for years. Cameras on I-380 catch numerous speeders every single day. Now, several intersections in Marion have traffic cameras up and operational.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette reports that the Marion cameras officially went live this past Friday. We are currently in the 30-day warning period where if the cameras catch you speeding, you only get a warning. The city originally wanted the new cameras up by July 1st, but were delayed due to permitting on signage, according to the Marion Police Department.

So where are these new Marion cameras located? The traffic cameras are at the intersection of Highway 100 and East Post Road and the intersection of Highway 13 and Highway 151. The Gazette reports that drivers caught going more than 11 mph over the speed limit or running a red light at those intersections will get a warning in the mail. After the 30-day grace period is up, you'll get a ticket.

If you don't respond to your initial notice of a violation, the Gazette reports that a second notice will be sent out seven days later. After another 14 days, if the citation hasn't been paid, it will then be sent to a collections agency. The city of Marion is contracting with the company Sensys Gatso. That same company also operates the traffic cameras in Cedar Rapids.

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