Shoppers: Get ready for some tasty exotic treats and organic goodies galore.

A new Trader Joe's grocery store is coming to Coralville.

According to the Gazette, Trader Joe's is planning to open in the second half of 2017 in the Coralville’s Iowa River Landing district.

My wife loved shopping at the Trader Joe's in Madison, WI because of the wide range of unique items they stock. But it can be a bit of sticker shock when you see how much something like saffron costs.

The Gazette article says "...Trader Joe’s carries an array of domestic and imported foods and beverages, including artisan breads, Arabica bean coffees, international frozen entrées, juices, fresh crop nuts, deli items and vitamins. Stores also sell the basics, like milk and eggs..."

One thing is certain about a new Trader Joe's in our shopping area. It's not something you want to experience from an "online" perspective. You will want to be there in person to really take it all in. Shopping at Trader Joe's is a combination of trendy-hipster watching and old farmers marketplace nostalgia.

And we only have to wait a few months until its arrival.

[source: Gazette]

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