Jordan Bohannon knew that the road back from hip surgery would be a tough one. The question is whether that road will end now and pick up next season. Bohannon can play against Iowa State on Thursday, his 10th game of the season. After that, he has to decide whether to play on, in pain or to seek a medical redshirt.

Bohannon played 25 minutes in last night's Iowa win over Minnesota. He did not score but dished out 10 assists with no turnovers. He is 3 for his last 15 shots in Iowa's past two games. But his floor leadership and vision are welcome for an Iowa team that his thin in the backcourt. Bohannon has had to plan out his playing time. He skipped the home game against Cal-Poly so he could play against the Cyclones. He apparently can't practice because of the pain.

Bohannon had the surgery back in May so he could play without pain again. He'd been playing in discomfort for years and knew he had to take care of the injury. But for that to happen, I think he's going to have to sit this year and get ready for 2020-2021. But if he wants to go out with this senior class and his friends, then that is his choice. Whatever way he goes, I hope that he does what makes him happy and healthy. Either way, Jordan Bohannon's Iowa legacy is already safe.



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