Listen, everyone does it. It's natural. It's healthy. It's all part of how our bodies work. Today is National Pass Gas Day. I'm not sure of the history of the holiday, but I'm fairly certain it was started by a guy. So how should you celebrate this odd January holiday? Some may suggest being loud and proud or letting it rip. But I'll leave that up to you.

According to National Today, we produce 17 to 68 ounces of gas in our intestines daily, and we let it out in measured intervals. The gas, which contains methane and hydrogen, is the by-product of our body's digestion process. It's natural! Now, if you're wondering what makes some smell worse than others it could be several things. Our gas is made up of at least 1% sulfur. That stuff smells awful. But it also depends on what foods you're eating, or medicines you're taking. Your body can react poorly to many things, which then come out of you smelling, well, awful.

In honor of National Pass Gas Day, here are a few fun facts about gas according to National Today.

  • A Fart travels around 7 miles per hour or 10 feet per second.
  • The average person passes gas around 14 times per day.
  • Animals fart too!
  • Air pressure plays a part. Mountain climbers fart more as they climb higher and the pressure on their bodies increases.

Finally, are you the kind of person who will always claim your work, or do you hide in shame when one slips out? A survey found that 16% of people will almost always claim their work, 19% would never admit it, 65% said it depends on who they are with. Boy does it ever! Finally, the survey asked if you pass gas in front of your significant other. 51% say they let it rip. The others are lying.


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