In honor of today's holiday, Brain and Courtlin decided to write each other friendship poems!

If you're familiar with our morning show, then you know that Brain and I make fun of each other a LOT. It's how we show we care! Brain and I are actually really good friends in real life, even if we don't always show it in a normal way. Since today is National Say Something Nice Day, we decided to show our affection in a slightly more traditional way - through poetry. We took some time to write each other some nice limericks today, and we read them to each other live on the air.

Here are the written versions of the poems:

From Brain to Courtlin - 

"There once was a girl from 'The Mitten,'

with radio she was quite smitten.

A music lover at heart, 

she tore nachos apart,

and to her friends she always did listen."

From Courtlin to Brain - 

"There once was a bald man named Brain,

whose co-host was kind of a pain.

But he was always so kind,

his personality shined, 

and he hardly did ever complain."


Say something nice to somebody today!

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