Brides and grooms everywhere just rolled their eyes.

Although I don't plan on ever getting married, I absolutely LOVE weddings. LOVE THEM. Everybody is in a good mood, you get to reunite with people you haven't seen in a while, there's food, drinks, and dancing, and of course, you get to watch two people that you love have one of the best days of their lives. Unfortunately, that comes at a bit of a cost.

According to a survey of over 13,000 brides/grooms from "The Knot," the average cost of a wedding is currently $35,329. That's up $3,000 from last year! OUCH! If you're going to be planning a wedding anytime soon, take a look at some more results from the survey:

  • The highest cost is typically the venue, with an average cost of $16,107
  • The most expensive place to get married is Manhattan, with a $78,464 average cost
  • The cheapest place to get married is Arkansas, with a $19,522 average cost
  • The average bride is 29 and the average groom is 31
  • The average number of guests is 141
  • The average wedding party has 10 people: 5 groomsmen and 5 bridesmaids
  • The most popular months to get married are September and October
  • 78% of weddings have a photo booth
  • The most popular wedding colors are dark blue, gold, and light pink
  • The average cost per wedding guest is up to $245
  • 64% percent of couples created a wedding hashtag for the big day

See the entire survey HERE.

How much was the cost of your wedding? Higher or lower than the average? Let us know in the comments!

[Via The Knot]

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