It's one of the most important moments in a person's life, and one country band keeps playing a pretty big role in it.

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Walker Hayes has been hitting various cities with the country band Paramalee over the past few weeks. Finally, the musical acts are set to perform in Iowa on Friday, October 21st at the Alliant Energy Powerhouse.

The Cedar Rapids show will have the North Carolina natives open for Hayes. Parmalee's front man Matt Thomas could not be more excited to be on this tour with the 'Fancy Like' singer.

"The crowds have been packed out every night..." Thomas said, "Walker is a great dude. It's been fun meeting his family. Everyone's just been walking around dancing."

Parmalee has seen major commercial success with three #1 singles over the past few years with 'Caroline', 'Just The Way', and 'Take My Name.'

The latter has become a favorite for couples that are getting ready to take that next step together. A few couples have gotten engaged WHILE the band plays this song.

"It's been a whole different world around that song that's been amazing to be a part of," Thomas said, "'s amazing to share that moment with people especially since it's a big part of their lives," the country singer explained.

They have even crashed a few weddings for some die-hard fans. And from the way Thomas talked about it, the group seems eager to be a part of as many wedding days as they can.

The band dropped their latest song 'Girl In Mine' this summer. Thomas did confirm that this track is the start of some brand-new music that will probably come out next year.

"If all's well we'll have an EP or an album out as soon as possible if I've got anything to do with it," Thomas explained.

The band's front man said that they have a whole bunch of new music that they are excited about. He claims that they are in the middle of the recording process. Once winter comes, Thomas and the rest of the group plan to get into the studio and write even more new music!

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