The shot was heard around the basketball world yesterday and came from Iowa's very own, Caitlin Clark. Caitlin Clark has officially scored more points than any player in women's college basketball. It was a magical record-setting night that you can relive over and over again.

In the most basic terms, the object for each team during a game of basketball is to get the ball to go through the hoop. The team that does that most, wins. Caitlin Clark is officially better at that than any woman who has played D1 college basketball before her.

While becoming the greatest scorer in women's college basketball is a historical, magical, lifetime accomplishment...did you know that this season could potentially hold one more massive career accomplishment for Caitlin? She has 4 games left to potentially break the all-time college basketball scoring record, man or woman, that is held by Louisiana State University's Pete Maravich

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All-Time Scoring Record in College Basketball

"Pistol" Pete Maravich is the all-time leading scorer in Division 1 college basketball history. He ended his collegiate career with 3,667 total points. According to USA Today, Pete averaged 44.2 points per game. He ended up setting this record in only 3 seasons because, during his time in college, players weren't allowed to play on the varsity team in their first season. In Pete's first game playing for the Freshman team, he scored 50 points.

Pete also played during a team where there was no 3-point shot. Every basket made only counted for 2 points. Despite only playing 3 seasons and not having any basket count for 3 points, Pistol Pete Maravich managed to score 3,667 career points.

As of last night, Caitlin Clark has scored 3,569 total career points. If my Iowa math is correct, Caitlin only needs 98 more points to tie the all-time scoring record in college basketball.

According to USA Today, Caitlin Clark averages 32.8 points per game. With 4 games left, she could potentially break Pete's record in Iowa's final game, against the second-ranked team in the country, Ohio State. Not only could she break the record in Iowa City, but it would also be on Senior Day...

Will there be an even bigger moment for Caitlin and the Hawkeye this season? We'll find out in the next 16 days.

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